Blackwing Lair and the wonders of the Onyxia Cloak

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Blackwing Lair and the wonders of the Onyxia Cloak

Post  Kenshinn on Sun Jan 11, 2009 5:56 pm

Initially we thought the reason we did so badly at Blackwing Lair was cause of bad healing through not having enough healers or bad dps or whatever. But after some researching, most especially by Akurgan it has been discovered that that had absolutely ZERO to do with it.

Have a read of this post from wowhead on the "Onyxia Scale Cloak":

Our group faced Nefarion without this cloak (a group of 15 level 75-80's), and were subsequently raped by shadowflame, so there still is a use, and a need to have this particular piece of equipment. They are easy to get aswell, since at level 80 Onyxia can easily be 2 manned, if not solo'd by some classes.

Nefarion, a level 60 boss that still owns face at level 80. I love it.

So as has been revealed the wearing of the "Onyxia Scale Cloak" by at the very least all tanks in Blackwing Lair raids as well as preferably as many people in the raid as possible is a requirement for the instance. If you dont do that you might as well throw away your repair money and not go cause your not going to get the place done. Its bloody crazy that at level 80 a 60 instance can pwn you if you dont wear the right cloak.

If your wondering why the cloak is so useful, its because it makes you completely immune to the effects of "Shadow Flame" which is cast from the 3rd boss onwards in Blackwing Lair.

You`ll also be happy to hear that as soon as yours truelly found out about this, he went and did Onyxia and obtained the leatherworking recipee for the cloak. So if you need one made, come ask me and I`ll let you know what mats are required.

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