Guild Ranks, what comes with them and how to get promoted

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Guild Ranks, what comes with them and how to get promoted

Post  Kenshinn on Thu Jul 03, 2008 11:25 am

Sober - Starting rank. Can post in guild chat only.
Double Vision - Alts rank
Tipsy - The rank you obtain by registering here. New abilities: Access to guild bank (1 withdrawal per day).
Drunk - First of the ranks obtained through longterm assistance to the guild. New abilities: Access to officer channel, invite to guild access.
Wasted - True officer rank in the guild. New abilities: promotion access, demoting access, remove member, set guild message of the day, edit public and officer notes.
Space Cadet - My rank. Head huncho Smile.

Now if you want to make your way up in the guild beyond tipsy then you need to act selflessly, assisting guild members in need (not through running them through a solo run of an instance though), setting up guild runs, contributing to the guild vault etc. Promotion is never earned from a single act, but of many over long periods of time.

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